Egnatium Experiences is a scientific platform where consumers can share their views towards a particular brand in a way that will make their views significant, helpful and actionable for the brands.

Egnatium Experiences is the only platform that syndicates consumer views on customer experience and future loyalty and advocacy in order to make consumer or customer input relevant and affordable for every business.

While other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc. empower consumers to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences about brands; those experiences are often not officially recorded by said brands in a structured format. Which means there is no analysis and reports generated out of it - and therefore making such experiences a mere noise and not helpful for brands to make business decisions to improve their customer experiences.

With Egnatium Experiences, brands get structured, nicely aggregated reports on customer experiences with their products and services. Brands get to see their competitive positioning through the benchmark results on how well they are doing when compared to competitors. Reports are available online all the time enabling brands to view it and act on it for future improvements and enhancements.

This site does not support brand-slamming or ruining a brand’s reputation, therefore we have put in place a number of mechanisms to filter out phantom consumers and non-constructive genuine feedback.